Knock knock Wanhua

Wanhua Train Station ( Wanhua Gemini Tower)
Wanhua Train Station is designed by C.Y.LEE & PARTNERS ARCHITECTS / PLANNERS (李祖原建築師事務所), who also designed Taipei 101. The West Hall, the East Hall, and the  parking tower are connected by the flyovers famous for the city night views. The multi-purpose building serves as a great venue for banquets, speeches, recreational activities, and accommodation.
Nightscape of Wanhua Train Station ( Wanhua Gemini Tower) and the square in front

Longshan Market
Great variety of food, savory or sweet, that lasted generations in Bangka(艋舺) can be found here, making Longshan Market a destination for nostalgic foodies. The basement levels consist of more shopping malls.
龍山商場的傳統手作甜點Traditional handmade desert at Longshan Market

Dali Street
The street of clothing stores was born thanks to the Wanhua Train Station and has attracted immigrants from other Taiwanese cities to settle down in Wanhua for decades. History of the street can date back to the Qing Dynasty. On the end of the street is the site of the 台北製糖所 (now called Tangbu Cultural Park 糖廍文化園區) in the colonial era. The street is indeed a panorama of Wanhua that you experience commerce, residence, and farmland across different eras, in just a short walk.
Qing Dynasty style house on Dali Street
Old-fashioned mannequins of Dali Street clothing stores, photo shot at 2019 MOGA Aparel Shopping Festival
Used train car of sugar factory demonstrated at Tanbu Cultural Park

Xingning Street
The traditional industrial precinct is still the home to workshops of soaps, handcrafted crystal sugar, and 冬瓜茶磚, each having stood here for 3 generations and accompanying the senior citizens to tango on with their 堀江町 life-long memories. The winding alleys still show off the beauty of historical building, local religions, and a lively neighborhood. In addition to the historical touch, a well-blended contemporary twist can also be found with the local youth's creativity.
A small concept store at 堀江町
Wooden door and bicycle coming from a time in the past. There are many such old-fashioned building components at Xingning Street.
A small factory lasting three generations who still produce handmade crystal sugar at Xingning Street.
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